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» N72, N73 and N93 handsets announced by Nokia
Three new Nseries handsets have been revealed at an Open Studio even in Berlin, including the N93 which can record video in DVD-like quality. But don't dare call them phones, Nokia insist they are multimedia computers instead...
» Nokia launch UK shop
Mobile phone giant Nokia have launched a new online shop for British consumers, offering a range of handsets and accessories with the promise of exclusive items before they hit the high street...
» Western Digital's 6GB drive with a twist
Hard Drive manufacturer Western Digital have launched a new ultra-thin USB drive today, designed to fit in to a purse or pocket, whilst still being able to offer an impressive 6GB of storage capacity...
» Windows Vista forced back to 2007
The consumer version of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Vista operating system has slipped to January 2007, despite having received a November launch date less than a month ago...
» Europe scores first Blu-ray discs
Sony are to launch their new Blu-ray discs in Europe this month, with re-writable BD-RE discs due by the end of March, single-write BD-R's in April, and dual layer discs following by the end of 2006...
» Microsoft unfold their Origami plans
» Intel lift lid on Ultra Mobile PC devices
» BT take DSL to the Max
» Apple show Intel Mac Mini and iPod Hi-Fi
» Windows Vista to launch with six versions
» Matrox have foresight for four screens
» Apple quietly launch 109 1GB Nano
» Aibo a no-go
» I can read you like a book
» The robot invasion will be NXT...
» E Ink turns sticky
» Toshiba add video to Gigabeat players
» Motorola and Nokia show off mini Bluetooth headsets
» Google announce free software pack
» Board games go interactive with Entertaible
» Sketch-a-search for Flickr photos
» Samsung YP-Z5 to rival Apple's Nano?
» Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Windows Live Local
» The WiFi wireless with over 100,000 stations
» PSP gets digital video recorder
» Nokia N92 takes TV mobile
» Squeezebox serves up third version
» What's a hotspot not?
» iPod goes gaga for Video
» Sony announce Memory Stick Micro M2

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Speed boost for British internet users

Internet service providers across the UK have been increasing connection speeds rapidly over the past few months, with BT offering up to 2Mbps and PlusNet trialing new 8Mbps services, with 2Mbps available as standard for just 14.99.

The new faster speeds are already being offered in some parts of the country, where operator UK Online are providing a 24Mbps service over selected BT telephone lines in major urban areas.

Meanwhile those living in NTL cabled areas can now receive up to 10Mbps download speeds on the top consumer package, with Telewest also offering 10Mbps in selected service areas across the country.

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