Hard Drive manufacturer Western Digital have launched a new ultra-thin USB drive today, designed to fit in to a purse or pocket, whilst still being able to offer an impressive 6GB of storage capacity.

Western Digital 6GB Pocket Drive

WD's Pocket Drive comes equipped with a rotating connector which can be positioned to suit the location of spare USB sockets on your PC tower or side of your laptop, and means neighbouring sockets can still be used without having their access blocked by the drive housing itself.

Some other mini hard drives get around the problem by making the use of an additional lead the only way to connect, but that all adds to the bulk and means something else to carry around with you, making it less portable than rival USB thumbsticks which have generally proved more popular.

The WDXMM60WP is set to go on sale during April and is already available to order from Amazon.co.uk for 99.99.